Online Player Recruitment at

Hopefully we will be able to dispell any questions you might have here. If we can't please go to the contact link on the bottom of your page and flick us a note.

1. Do I need to pay anything?
Answer: No you do not have to pay anything and you can enjoy a trial period. However, this will end and Id appreciate the support by taking up a membership.

2. Why can't I see my name in my public profile?
Answer: We take privacy very seriously and do not want to have your details made public to anybody.

3. How can I make my profile more visible?
Answer: You can make your profile more visible by regularly visiting the site, keeping a regular blog, viewing other
members profiles, providing as much detail in your profile as possible.

4. How do I contact another member?
Answer: You can do this by sending them a message.

5. How do I submit news?
Answer: You can submit news to the site administration via the contact page the link is located at the bottom of each page.

6. Email, phone numbers & Web addresses
Answer: Email, phone numbers & Web addresses are not permitted in the profile descriptions. You may provide these details in your communication with other members through messages.

7. What is a hand ball?
Answer: A hand ball is an electronic notification that players, coaches, officials can send to a club member indicating your interest. This will notify them of your interest and they then have the opportunity to contact you via the internal message system.

8. How to send a hand ball?
Answer: Select the profile you wish to send hand ball to. select send handball from horizontal menu, click on the football and then click send.

9. Recurring subscriptions
Answer: A Recurring subscription is a subscription that will roll over each year. It is your responsibility to cancel your recurring subscriptions in PayPal. When you sign up it states clearly that this is a recurring subscription and hence if you choose not to have a recurring subscription you need to cancel in your PayPal. Much the same as APPs you may download for your phone. Our policy is to remind you of your subscription ending which we do 7 days out.

10. Discounted memberships
Answer: Discounted memberships are offered from time to time. Discounted memberships are not eligble for the money back guarantee deal that comes with a full membership.
Discounted memberships that request refunds will attract a $50 administration fee.

11. Money Back Guarantee
Answer: purchasing a full membership attracts a money back guarantee. see point 8 where this is exempt. If you would like the money back guarantee options just ask and we will provide the documentation to help you out.