Recruiting Tips

New Horizons @ Grassroots Football

Accepting new recruiting methods is difficult for some!

Those that are accepting digital recruiting methods are the Gen Y & Gen Z groups - the Players!!

They are left waiting for the over aged and under informed committees that form the management of many but not all suburban/country football clubs across the country.

More and more digital savvy/accepting Gen Y & Gen Z blokes have taken to the possibilities that digital recruiting websites like present for them.

However, it's the clubs that are dragging the chain on greater player accessibility due to their lack of acceptance of this new and easier way of finding new players because they are stuck in the method of word of mouth networks. I don't confess to this online recruiting method to being the only method, but it must form part of the recruiting strategy a club has when in the search for new blood.

The cost of adding this is a pittance to that of the methods of print and the time spent on phone calls and time using the word of mouth network. The cost of a years digital engagement is less than one weeks print media advertising.

The word of mouth network has produced for many clubs great players, however it lacks access to blokes that are not in your word of mouth networks. Online recruiting websites like AussiePlayers provides a greater cross section of blokes.

Surly clubs would not be so blinded to think their networks know all and see all and would have the foresight to invest in new technology and strategies to recruit new players.

Questions arise when will these old committees step into the digital world that all their players live in?

Just look around your club tonight to see which blokes are on their phones!