Recruiting Challenges

Recruiting Challenges

Recruiting practices have changed! Recruiting new players to clubs is a year by year challenge. Finding a new club for players is also a constant challenge unless you’ve played there all your life. To progress your coaching career coaches must consider the challenges of moving to different clubs.

Players move clubs for varying reasons, some leave discreetly, some are pushed, some fall out of favour with a new coach and the list goes on. I'm telling you nothing new! The recruiting circles are rife with the game of Chinese whispers that both produce and disappoint. tries to replace the middle men in the Whispers game by providing a space for all parties Players, Coaches & Clubs to interact and progress a discussion that no Chinese whispers game could produce.

Players register with with the hope of finding a new club, some do so to engage with clubs discreetly to prevent their current club from being upset. Some are open about how their profiles highlight their backgrounds thus allowing clubs to research them prior to any contact. Within the site clubs can contact players by using an internal messaging system. This opens dialogue that potentially no chinese whispers conversation would have started. Players seek opportunities just like any potential employee seeks other jobs, some will criticise them as mercenaries because they are looking for a certain amount of coin and some will accept this as the way things have gone.

Many players using are digital savvy/accepting Gen Y & Gen Z blokes with this comes a certain amount of excitement and disappointment. This generation seeks instant gratification but often do not respond to the basic communication etiquette. This is a real shame as some players could potentially gain some fantastic offers if they responded to the communication coming from clubs.

With many new players joining the future for clubs looks bright with the view of the online world adding value to their recruiting repertoire. Players have joined and used to travel, progress their careers & find work and clubs stand to benefit from this just as much as the players.

It takes 10 minutes to build a profile, we will then review this profile as long as the email address provided is verified and players can then start searching and contacting clubs!